06-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im not old your music really does suck pull up your pants
enemy in next election is anyone who can spot a lie
impeach trump he is psycho vagina heads
my guns no threat to you unless trying to deprive me of life liberty or property
check it out biden trump polls 2020 2016 hillary vs donald
joe biden trump is existential threat bernie sanders socialism
bill de blasio drivers license for illegals

Fighting for a Society of Abby Normals

aoc what if igor had a daughter ocasio cortez

Question of the Day

if security this important at airports should be at border tsa old lady

Quote of the Day

quote queen elizabeth trump is amazing person thoughtful genuine good heart could be my son

Tweets of the Day

tweet charlie daniels entire party geared solely towards bringing down elected president
tweet so people flying from angola to brazil through central america for concentration camp

Other Links That May Interest You

The Dis-Grace of Harvard – Ben Shapiro
Here’s a Brand New List of Security Violations From Hillary Clinton’s State Dept – Katie Pavlich
Data Indicate There’s No Need to Panic About Rising Seas – Sterling Burnett
He Went to Prison for Killing a Taliban Terrorist, Now He’s Seeking a Presidential Pardon – Micah Rate

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