06-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

aoc americans border like concentration camps only ones people trying to climb into
hillary clinton greatest political accomplishment avoiding prosecution
why you shouldnt wait to retirement to travel old couple sleeping
youre not the boss of me i say as i let dog out 17 times in a row
wikileaks should be ashamed of illegally revealing my illegal activities hillary clinton
refugees lost everything luckily were able to save phones and cigarettes

If Only We Could Detect a Pattern

real median income chart correlation to single parent households

Random Thought of the Day

1972 spying is wrong 2019 its the norm mainstream media

Please Make This Happen

breaking news trump appoints andrew dice clay press secretary

Quote of the Day

quote sowell if play by same rules radical 60 years ago liberal 30 years racist today

Tweet of the Day

tweet lets save america everything free tax billionairs 99 percent

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