06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump using fake hornets nest to spy on grab baseball bat and knock down
ice t why didnt you ask obama about reparations
broadway show about hillary failed is actress blaming others also
20 years from now a commercial offended on facebook entitled to financial compensation
lisa simpson gay people rely on straight people to produce more gay people
just like that left was pro war forrest gump
obama where did iran get money for surface to air missile

Only Falling Trump Numbers Make the News

President Trump Scores Highest USA/Suffolk Approval Rating Ever, But It’s Not News To USA Today

Quote of the Day

quote daniel ratcliffe people more about taking pictures having fun

Tweets of the Day

tweet larry elder reparations from died in civil war
tweet trump called off air strikes on iran people killed worst hitler ever

trump orders bombing war monger calls off strikes weakness orange man bad

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