06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

obama climate change funding money bag sure ill settle the science for you
reparations is a tool to further divide race relations change my mind
summer at the dems mainstream media democrats russia trump collusion weekend at bernies

pharmacy will look you straight in eye say 30 minutes to take eye drops off shelf behind them
hey good lucking wanna have sex youre bullterrier im shitzu our puppy would be bullshit
gloria allred auditioning women who will be molested by trump in 2020
bernie sanders look over there at sweden covering venezuela
trump raped me 1995 then poured bleach on me and said this is maga country

Quote of the Day

quote love trumps hate said people who mock sarah sanders appearance call barron retard mock pences faith deplorable

Tweet of the Day

tweet leftists if you ban abortions people will still get them ban guns no one can get gun

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2 thoughts on “06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I love this site. It’s my prime source of memes. But as a medical professional I have to take exception with the pharmacy meme. Pharmacists are MDs and have to follow strict bureaucratic procedures that take time. Buying medication isn’t like buying gum.

  2. BTW, I strongly appreciate that you allow comments without any membership, unlike every Liberal meme site on the internet (several stopped allowing it because of me).

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