06-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when everyone in debate is speaking spanish but you only speak marxist bernie sanders
trump have great retirement sarah sanders left boot up jim acosta ass but he can keep it
when you hit grand slam the other team gets 2 runs also bernie sanders
kermit tell me 1 for english then put bin ladens sister on the phone
only acceptable way for a game of monopoly to end
trump train compared to joe biden campaign
neighbor is showoff umbrella shadow dick
this is the democratic primary sparta
democrats health care is free oprah give you everything for free
to hear democratic debates in english press 1

when someone says their country is better than america thor is it though

Never Trust the “Fact” Checkers Cited By Big Tech and Mainstream Media

Fact-Checking Snopes: Website’s Political ‘Fact-Checker’ Is Just A Failed Liberal Blogger

Quote of the Day

quote sometimes your freedom is not taken away at gunpoint one piece of paper at a time valladares cuban prisoner

Raise Your Hand If You Have No Idea How to Pay for Your “Freebies”

who wants to lose election all candidates raise hand in favor of free health care illegal immigrants

Tweet of the Day

tweet cant wait to see who gets promise free money tomorrow could be any one of us

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