06-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe biden face you make when your party plays race card on you
debates where craziest ideas score you points being practical doesn't matter
when you dont understand meme realize just photo by one of normal friends
scientists discover dog with two assholes bill hillary clinton
paid off student loan voting for bernie new student loan
hey facebook just posted nipples ass cock pussy
aoc ocasio cortez hand that rocks cradle democratic debates warren bernie booker orourke
democratic 2020 candidate logo slogans

Message of the Day

they dont want you to have free speech so they invented hate speech to shut you up

Textbook Definition of Anti-American Traitor

media silent on actual collusion with enemy by john kerry

Tweet of the Day

tweet sowell dangerous trends of our times making truth unacceptable hate speech

Quote of the Day

quote giffigan herbal supplements not fda approved but twinkies are

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