07-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez to elizabeth warren when you were indian did you kill buffalo for little wings
kermit dont have time for your shit today fuck your tea patron
install your very own concentration camp playpen aoc
david hogg they tried to assassinate me 7 times smollet i believe you
after day of work watch light hearted comedy democrat debates
still waiting for elizabeth warren to speak cherokee beto orourke spartacus spanish
2020 candidate accomplishments trump biden bernie sanders kamala harris
american citizens waiting for debate moderators to ask democrats how going to help american citizens

Flashback: Mainstream Media Crucified Joe Wilson for This Comment

joe wilson says obama speech you lie about illegal immigrants insured all democrats raised hand

It’s Not That Complicated

breaking legal immigrant family found together following us immigration law

Quote of the Day

quote theres a lot of money out there just in wrong hands bill de blasio commisar of confiscation

Tweet of the Day

tweet caitlyn jenner hard to find straight man compliment me on looks trump nice balls

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