07-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

powerful oppressor person banned resistance twitter google cnn nyt facebook
coke please stop making new flavors unless you plan to put cocained back in it
zuckerberg says trump is fascist deletes pages he doesnt agree with
if creating new law to stop shooting why dont we just make shootings illegal
new stocker training is required ky jelly
ocasio cortez employed 5 months loses 25000 jobs drafts anti-cow legislation asks for raise
aoc trump 2020 fence crying
cory booker when you spent debate prep learning spanish white guy beat you

Random Thought of the Day

imagine paying for rollercoaster ticket stand in line 2 hours crowd of 500 cuts in front of you

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owns stages pick parody of ocasio cortez

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