07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

democrats upset over price of trump 4th july celebration but government paid so free
mainstream media crisis at north korea border kim trump
al bundy i was much better football player and shoe salesman than colin kaepernick
marty mcfly movie theater 2019 alladin toy story men in black godzilla childs play
hard to believe fast investigations of trump no one mysteriously died
parents put children in danger crossing illegally blame trump bike
julian castro beto orourke pondering future after debate napolean dynamite
trump dmz compared to bush obama clinton
official shoe of antifa nike made in china soviet logo

Random Thought of the Day

One of the most idiotic “top stories” I’ve seen in a while is the scandal that Trump used actors to portray supporters in recent ads. I’m not sure how they verified this — did they poll all the actors to see if they supported the president or not? But, really, who cares? You mean actors are used to portray something they’re not in commercials?!! Wow!..and all this time I thought all the people in white coats for medical commercials were really doctors! I’m guessing about 90 percent of campaign ads use paid actors; after all, people not used to the camera often seem stiff and unnatural. This stupid story was nothing more than another drip-drip designed to paint Trump in a negative light and further the illusion that Trump support is a mirage.

Never Underestimate the Power of Mainstream Media Propaganda

only in america president lowest black unemployment prison reform pardons still considered racist

Quotes of the Day

quote biden government has failed you trump jr if in for 50 years maybe you are problem

Tweets of the Day

tweet charlie kirk us census citiens big states get 18 more electoral votes because of illegals
tweet instagram photo blocked out offensive us flag

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