07-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how democrats see 2020 us mexico map blue states
clay mathews america is good kaepernick taste it
red dawn please dont forget there are still freedom fighters deep in occupied california
liberals guide to the ak-47
when wife puts you in charge of shower curtain dog terminator
iran poking beehive trump mainstream media stop provoking iran
democrats dont want food fight reparations socialism free stuff
republicans democrats debt trump 4th july spending outrageous

Quote of the Day

quote government finally legalizing weed because when youre broke you sell drugs

Message of the Day

2.5 million homeless children 440000 foster care lets protest 2500 held at border

Tweet of the Day

tweet womens socer players you are not underpaid market and disrespect for country

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