07-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Observation of the Day

Democrats: “Our party has NOT moved too far left!!!”

Also, the Democrats: “We have a range of opinions. AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley represent the more liberal side of the party, while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer represent the moderates.”

face palm

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump constitution america democrats that not who we are free stuff open borders communism
says here offended on facebook writing prescription for 2 testicles
when you say id is racist youre saying minorities too stupid or lazy which is ridiculous and racist
should the government question nope
trump marked safe from meeting megan rapinoe
socialism has always brought misery why will it work this time bernie sanders i promise you
liberals ruined nfl boy scouts nba womens sports 9 states why cant we have nice things
how you know democrats in trouble with epstein not leading story on fake news network
rapinoe hey everyone she wont go to white house if invited see nobody cares

There’s No Comparison

lebron james cramps american soldier shot need soldiers not athletes

Quote of the Day

quote socialism always works in beginning government runs out of money to confiscate

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk barack obama first president not to have citizenship on census

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