07-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

outrage trump deportation device cnn cannon
hillary and rapinoe neither one going to white house
san francisco drop the ecig and back away drug needle
democrats ymca booker warren bernie beto biden buttigieg
melanie trump fairy no matter how much scream cry husband still your president
please dont use 1 20 100 depict slave owners send to me for disposal
meanwhile clintons through documents chimney burning
i kicked ball into net size of 2 car garage im hero soldier what
when you had money to improve water pumps but spent it removing statues
fake news cnn bill clinton went to pedophile island 26 times didnt do anything inappropriate

Gotta Love Our Justice System

justice system drug dealer life in prison child molester 10 years

Quote of the Day

quote morgan freeman dont take criticism from people you would never get advice

Tweets of the Day

tweet all us billionaires 2.5 trillion not enough to fund government for 8 months

tweets kamala harris dana loesch fifa pay

Trump & Republicans Biggest Failure

Federal Deficits Up 25 Percent Since Election

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