07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

whats the difference government organized crime one is organized
when you get released from facebook jail but havent been rehabilitated
it puts the tip in the basket silence of the lambs buffalo bill
pelosi youre right president bush haiti is shithole trump this is san francisco
socialist person who wants everything you have except your job
aoc ocasio cortez fake crying ice machine
barack obamas vice president joe biden sign
nancy pelosi karma is a bitch aoc tlaib omar
peyton didnt vote for obama but went to white house because not a little bitch

And They Whine When We Call Them “Fake News”

left photoshopping trump daugher jeffrey epstein

Quote of the Day

quote just checked gmail message from google in spam so focused on politics cant program anymore

Tweet of the Day

tweet google photos jeffrey epstein bill clinton scrubbed by google images

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