07-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

zuckerberg dont silence you because voice doesnt matter because its powerful
trump fish bear maga hat
here it clearly shows sex more important than meal watching porn more important than running for life
did you know 100 percent of people stay in own country dont have children separated at border
cnn megan rapinoe topless protest justin bieber cnn
where does it say statue liberty give me hostrile free loading waving own flags
dog flags bud light america fuck yeah hat

Pitfalls of a Changeable Sign

chiropractor sign life is great when your penis is straight

Big Tech Can Never Be Trusted

New Facebook Policy Normalizes, Approves Death Threats Against Banned “Dangerous” Conservatives

Quote of the Day

quote politicians diapers changed often for same reason mark twain

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk if obama can change census without court why cant trump

Other Links That May Interest You

Drive-Bys Don’t Care About Epstein’s Crimes, They Just Want to Get Trump – Rush Limbaugh

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