07-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

climate change 4.5 billion year existential
department of education google search school sad cry depressed no problem
late stage socialism starvation late stage capitalism flying to mars
day after payday al bundy wonder what poor people doing kids pool
how many bathrooms salary time leave for work citizenship intrusive
hillary clinton bleach bit 30000 emails you couldnt make few pilot logs disappear bill
aoc racist pelosi crazy radical fight
last storm named barry hit us for 8 long miserable years
left trump playdoh on college campus now on lock down

No Bias At All

democrat party mainstream media one big happy family cuomo rice jarrett obama

Quote of the Day

quote beware of destination addition next place next job dont live in moment

Tweet of the Day

tweet chad williams own dear white people ok to be white

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