07-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

joe biden area 51 biting alien
the jihad squad tlaib ocasio cortez omar pressley if you disagree youre racist
better hurry up rapinoe your 15 minutes almost up hogg
trump hey ilhan some president said something
right now 30 year old living in moms basement calling billionaire president loser
heres wall democrats would build if illegal immigrants voted for trump
jeffrey epstein on suicide watch eye open hillary bill clinton
it has nothing to do with women of color omar aoc take bernie sanders with you
trump tweets what-are-you-using-for-bait

Quote of the Day

quote if you live for peoples acceptance you will die from their rejection

Tweets of the Day

trump tweets four anti american squad get out
tweet tearing down american symbols flag anthem pledge new leftist tactic

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