07-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

omar hate nazis jews dont understand irony marry brother
every democrat presidential candidate is promising to fix trumps booming economy
sign karma means rest easy knowing people treated badly deserved it
ive confirmed reports aoc trapped on escalator 5 hours from nyc power outage
anyone else get feeling twitter is trumps laser point democrats are the cats
if youre constantly refering to other peoples color maybe youre the racist
aoc omar tlaib pressley biting the hand that feeds them america
official member the squad communist license plate
screw area 51 lets raid hillarys house cant suicide us all

Quote of the Day

quote we are good lawyers for own mistakes judges for others mistakes

Tweets of the Day

tweet diamond silkthe-squad-are-idiots

tweet no cnn reports when leftist deport melania was trending
tweet we have border humanitarian crisis left response abolish ice free healthcare decriminalize oppose citizenship question

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