07-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cnn nyt nbc cbs post msnbc attacking trump bully
i cant believe the way trump talks about women kill all men sign
babysitters teenagers act like grownups so grownups can act like teenagers
if you need 30 rounds hunt suck at hunting disarm society suck at governing
if you hate america leave dont forget your nikes aoc omar tlaib pressley
trump 2036 22nd amendment repealed trump 5th term democrats still investigating russia
congratulations california not a single plastic straw garbage filled streets
millennials trying to get into area 51 fence post underwear

Quote of the Day

quote founders never intended americans to trust government rand paul

Tweets of the Day

tweet bernie sanders increase wages cut hours mccormick
tweet like many i didnt like send her back chant throw her out more appropriate

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