07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

brady you didnt write that book report bobby mueller
demonrats 0 trump 2020 mueller nothing burger
now what how about mueller th musical
current state of left delusions trump russia fetal position
random thought amazon ad for same thing
how to determine if someone is racist do you like them
breaking news chicago replaced sirens with national anthem suspects take a knee
mueller strike out home run nadler
jim jordan lubricant before robert mueller foot up ass

New Meme Gallery Added

Ilhan Omar Memes

Big Tech Fascist Censoship Update

google ad unacceptable content as keyword google
1.5 percent 27 million people google youtube censorship
Another Google Engineer Goes Public: Tech ‘Dangerous’, ‘Taking Sides’

Something to Ponder

lottery tally compared to voting results broken

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton not one democrat presidential candidate addressing need for unicorns

Tweet of the Day

tweet summing up democrat debate america bad rest of world good

Hollywood Communist Propaganda Update

HBO Series to Feature Redford as President in Land of White Supremacy

Other Links That May Interest You

Former Miss Michigan Says She ‘Does Not Regret’ Her Conservative Social Media Posts
Liberal Meme Gallery

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