07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

one small step for man today racist sexist aoc omar tlaib pressley
peaceful protest starter pack brick gasoline bat mask
finally after all build up mueller report geraldo al capone safe
mueller report no collusion but was let me stop you 35 million couldnt find cheese puffs not going to crack it
ocasio cortez omar et bike
aoc what if area 51 is just concentration camp for aliens
remember before internet cause of collective stupidity was lack of access to information it wasnt that

kidnapped congress ransom or douse in gasoline

Observation of the Day

obama was elegant at lying trump is brutal at truth

Quote of the Day

quote dennis miller trump receive welcome in ca if illegal

They Both Suck

if it wasnt clear neither republicans nor democrats have backbone to cut spending

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