07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

If you haven’t figured out, this latest obsession with finding racism in ANY comments made by Trump is all part of a very organized, coordinated campaign by Democrats and their allies in the media. The President’s approval ratings among blacks and Hispanics has been climbing, and if the Democrats don’t completely dominate minority votes like they usually do, Trump will easily win re-election. It’s all about creating that branding in the minds of voters: Trump=racist. So, they must twist, clip, analyze, interpret absolutely anything he says as “racist”. No free thinking individual can interpret the remarks of the past few weeks and find them racist. Those that are screaming racism are simply parroting what they’ve been instructed in the media. Here’s a good test. Take any of Trump’s statements and repeat them to someone, yet tell them the speaker is Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Barack Obama. See how many people still consider the remarks racist.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

xx i dont always get called names but when i do because won argument with leftist
girls sound like murderers complementing each other want your skin hair
trump and for next trick ill make democrats defend rats
rare image of communism working
cnn msnbc islam religion of peace dove machine gun
remember to wash hands after touching dirty animal dog washing
mueller book anyone who acts angry at frame job is obstructing
so ones dont believe in guns going to area 51 natural selection
what would you say you do here robert mueller thats out of my purview
digging for years on island hold on have someone good at that mueller

Tweet of the Day

tweet bill mitchell if you keep calling everything racist people stop paying attention

Observation of the Day

trump doesnt destroy opponents he shoves to spotlight to destroy themselves omar aoc pressley tlaib

Even Google Agrees

even google agrees baltimore is dump mess slum

Quote of the Day

quote democrats rich people convincing poor people other rich are reason theyre poor

That Explains A Lot

bill de blasio warren wilhelm jr quixote center sandinista marxist leninist

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