07-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rats with car did you hear what trump said about baltimore infested with democrats
al sharpton going to baltimore shit to stir money to be made
facebook you have violated rule we havent made up yet banned for 30 days
libertarians if we ban guns knives are next what is next kids silverware id required
breaking news closing border will create shortage of meth ms13 new democrat voters
anti police rhetoric bill de blasio bucket water poured on cops
berkley no gender language sibling manhole
democrat squad car driving democrats off cliff
me watching bernie sanders campaign self destruct over 15 hour staff pay
alyssa milano victor blackwell crocodile tears
mueller iraq wmds russian collusion found neither
district is infected with rats and losing argument play race card

Since the Mainstream Media Will Never Report It

orkin pest control top 10 rat infested cities all run by democrats where did obama stimulus go
last 3 democratic mayors all convicted corrupted dixon rawlings pugh

Quote of the Day

quote bernie sanders baltimore like third world country

Tweet of the Day

tweet greg gutfield trump sucks at being a racist

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