08-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i want reparations for 8 years of obama
ilhah omar sharia law trojan horse democrats gift to america
when trump said puerto rican government corrupt called racist just thrown out of office for corruption
flo im sorry we dont offer life insurance for clinton employees
pelosi shining shoes for aoc ocasio cortez
2024 olympics should be in detroit so athletes have to figure out what gun shot is starting pistol
husband picture vacation rocks reminds soaking in tub
al shapton im here to help in baltimore gasoline on fire
maybe we should do something about crime rats in baltimore no it is trump who is wrong
democratic debate crib sheet trump bad free stuff good

“Fact” Checking Satire, But Not Really

Snopes Issues Pre-Approval Of All Statements Made During Tonight’s Democratic Debate – Babylon Bee

snopes issues pre approval all statements made during democratic debate

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul ilhan omar ungrateful

Fact of Life

trump was loved by black celebrities only became racist after ran against democrat

Tweet of the Day

tweet trump attacks pelosi de blasio pete schiff for districts also

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