08-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forrest gump just like that annoying soccer girl is gone rapinoe
hillary bill time for your heart attack mueller no use for you anymore
trump running like a fine tuned machine over democrats media hillary
at the rate democrats are going trump tax returns will come up with refund
rat felt cute might go to baltimore later idk
al sharpton one of rats in baltimore trump was talking about
doberman youve been throwing water buckets at cops how fast can you run
elijah cummings vote for me ill fix it since 1996
where are you going baltimore to nearest concentration camp on border rat thats racist
democratic debate winner donald trump
that is ok kid 2019 budget deal is bipartisan
answer to baltimores rat problem cat trump hair

Google: “We’re Not Biased”

google vs merriam dictionary definition of patriot

Quote of the Day

quote limbaugh they exonerate hillary didnt intend trump nothing think he intended

Tweet of the Day

tweet kamala harris pharma profits youre in branch that writes laws not as president

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