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08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Review of New Amazon Prime Series “The Boys”

I confess I’m a nerd who likes superhero movies and has seen almost all the Avengers & DC movies. They’re a nice escape from the real world. So I was intrigued when a series was released with a bit of a twist on the superhero genre in that the superheros are villains behind the scenes, and a group of ordinary guys conspire to bring them down. Unfortunately, it devolved into a ranting Hollywood liberal screed that destroyed its entertainment value. Here are just some examples:

  • The biggest villain is a superhero named Homelander who is modeled after Captain America & Superman, wearing an American flag as a cape. He regularly wrecks anyone who gets in his way and is only interested in portraying himself as a good guy.
  • George W. Bush’s speeches after 9/11 are parodied and mocked, with implications given that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job used to justify military action.
  • The main good superhero is a female who suffers a #MeToo moment and becomes a symbol of fighting back against the evil male oppressors.
  • References are made to middle American simpletons who are jealous of “Coastal Elites” and need speeches dumbed down to be able to understand.
  • Religion is relentlessly mocked, with its followers portrayed in typical Hollywood fashion as unthinking, cult-following zombies.
  • Plenty of gay and lesbian scenes are thrown in that have nothing to do with the plot (with the possible exception of helping to show the preacher as a corrupt closeted homosexual).
  • Capitalism, profits, and a parody of Disney are attacked in every episode.
  • The “Deep State” is mentioned in the context of mocking conservative conspiracy theorists.
  • And of course, veiled shots are made at Donald Trump and xenophobic American citizens.

As with many movies and TV series’s coming out of Hollywood, the show had potential, but the condescending liberals just couldn’t help themselves. With all the modern technology that makes movie making much easier, we should no longer be a slave to the current liberal-polluted entertainment industry. When will someone have the foresight to develop a major movie studio that creates conservative and libertarian-slanted films, or at least make movies non-political like they used to? I guarantee you it is easily a billion-dollar opportunity that is being wasted.


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  • It is tragic. I does seem that the entire entertainment industry has been completely turned into a propaganda machine against the uniited states and its founding values. I too was a sucker for super heroes but mine generally came from history books. I personally found hero's of WWII quite interesting. Their feats defy reality like many comic book heroes. Fighter pilots like Robin Olds who engaged 50+ enemy aircraft by himself with nobody but his wingman, Bud Anderson, the highest scoring pilot in his squadron, or chuck Yeager the first man to go supersonic, the list goes on. They might not wear capes or flashy uniforms, but their astounding feats are about as pro American as you can get. If one can acquire a taste of history, there is no shortage of pro liberty, and pro human heroes and accomplishments that defy reality.

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