08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

skeletons when you find dude in grave next to you also voting democrat in next election
welcome to 2019 democratic primary where everything is made up and citizens dont matter
bidens entire campaign barack obama vp
how many liberals to change light bult youre a racist
joe biden visits baltimore neck chuck e cheese mouse
you see rat pizza i see dad feeding his 4 teenaged turtles
breaking news after reviewing democrat debates russia no longer interfering with 2020 elections
biden your face when democrats cant attack record without attacking first black president

Probably Just a Coincidence

top 10 highest crime cities led by democrats

Question of the Day

how many times do we have to see crowd of defenseless people die before realizing being defenseless isnt answer

Quote of the Day

quote mario lopez community all about diversity except thought

Tweets of the Day

tweet trump should modify statement build wall stop anchor babies money saved for black american reparations
tweet degrasse tyson stats on shootings compared to medical errors flu suicide accidents

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