08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

msnbc says trump wants to exterminate latinos and your solution is for latinos to turn in their firearms
somebody did something bad who do we blame democrats republicans hold invidual responsible thrown out window
kid sign im not old enough to drink let alone choose sexuality or gender leave me alone let me be kid
sesame street democrats fixing baltimore calling trump racist cocaine sniffing
when left finds out dayton shooter was democrat dont want to play with you anymore toy story
cnn glasses baltimore shithole to luxury
mainstream media dayton el paso democrats campaign funds
democrats throw pie russian collusion missed hey mitch mcconnell
wolf attacks sheep other sheep remove own teeth for own safety

Bernie Could Have Warned Her

babylon bee aoc ocasio cortez hand burning touching economics book

Repeat Lies Like Charlottesville Enough Times They Become the “Truth”

America Is Drowning in the Left’s Lies About Trump – Dennis Pager

Quotes of the Day

baltimore so little money cant turn out heat paying 100k to send kids to lobby on gun control

Tweet of the Day

tweet if white nationalist sounds more dangerous to you than communist youve been brainwashed

Can you remember ever in your life hearing the term “white nationalist” until Democrats, the media, Hollywood and other corrupt propaganda forces were instructed to use the term the past two years to smear anyone who dares be white and love their own country?!

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