08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

for 8 years disagree with president you are racist now agree you are racist
drag racing in 70s compared to today thanks democrats
rx pharmacy medicare for all 32 trillion no private health insurance
liberals but if you ban abortions women will get them illegally gun owners
i identity as female you what about you conservative libertarian nazi
look democrats get every time they try to destroy trump coyote road runner
criminals walking through cement orange cones background checks red flag
red flag laws exactly what they are soviet flag
mueller forrest gump just like that no one talked about failed coup corrupt shit we did
trump i condemn white supremacists mainstream media trump gives shout out

Message of the Day

if you come to america as immigrant you adopt our values we dont bend to yours

The Biggest Threat to Our Democracy

Quote of the Day

quote be more concerned with your character than your reputation which is what others think you are

Tweets of the Day

tweet jerry brother killed in dayton cnn telling trump shouldnt visit
tweet scott jennings castro publishing trump donors twitter suspends mitch mcconnell account

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