08-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every democrat walls dont work criminals circumvent them gun laws will
democrats yes another mass shooting another gun control bill added to stack on books
evolution of the american left 20th century question authority 21st if you do so youre a racist
how many democrats to change lightbulb none rather sit in dark and blame trump
left mind vs right mind black white trump victims man woman transgender
trump should tweet something antigun so liberals defend second amendment
red flag laws explained same people who contact facebook offensive posts calling tip line to seize guns
trump promoting racism beto orourke campaigning on casket

Wow. Just Wow.

Jeffrey Epstein, Accused Sex Trafficker, Dies By Suicide: Officials

jeffrey epstein committed suicide air quotes
last person to visit epstein in jail hillary mustache
nurse ratched time for your meds mr epstein
hillary well that was easy whos next
i dont know anything about the clintons just putting out there for my own safety
jeffrey its hillary just want to talk shining axe
when your conspiracy theories turn out to be true what you gonna do now snopes
michael im just here to see who blames trump

Quote of the Day

trump quote if youre going to come here should learn language just kidding obama quote

Tweets of the Day

trump supporter racist in 2016 russian stooge in 2017 asset in 2018 white supremacist nationalist 2018 name calling is all theyve got
tweet teach kids about socialism clean bathroom for 10 take 7 give to sibling who didnt work for it

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