08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bill clinton marked safe from epstein testifying today
jeffrey epstein prison guard stevie wonder
hillary clinton came to take lie detector test machine committed suicide
suicide watch hillary jeffrey epstein hung
just like that clintons got away with it
democrats collection plate at el paso funeral
when barbie goes to baltimore kid car no wheels
yeah if we could stop blaming everyone except the shooter that would be great
mueller found no collusion dad were democrats will find another lie call me mom
fake hate crimes for dummies nazi swastika
national debt feeding small meat now eating alive
hitler playing video games caused him to be violent start ww2
democrats fog of war hate impeach trump going off cliff
so you want to take out guns then make a movie about hunting us

Someone Is Going to Get Suicided for This

Monica Lewinsky-Produced ‘Impeachment’ Set as Next ‘American Crime Story’ at FX

Quote of the Day

quote john kennedy let us not seek the republican or democratic answer but the right answer

Tweet of the Day

tweet heres how it happens on red flag laws taking guns dennis williams

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