08-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

fredo dont you ever call me chris cuomo cnn thats racist
michael corleone i know youre fake news fredo chris cuomo you broke my heart
future of red flag laws global warming hoax white male open borders red flag
milk carton missing small government republican anti war democrat
everyone upset movie of liberals hunting conservatives still waiting for them to hunt me
no kind of law quite like red flag law soviet chinese nazi flag
chuck norris even i check my closets for clintons every night
trump two years of investigations none of his accusers committed suicide
cuomo prime time fredo i can handle things im smart
hillary clinton when enemies all commit suicide guess im just lucky

Word of the Day

define irony chinese citizens protesting communism communists running for president in us kneeling athletes

In RINO Never-Trumper News

Mitt Romney Forms Alliance With Top Dem To Go After Trump

Quote of the Day

quote when you hear liberals refer to white supremacists whites who dont vote democrat hawkins

Tweet of the Day

tweet you cant defend one dude on suicide watch supposed to protect me with no guns cool story

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