08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren Memes

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

chris cuomo dont call me fredo pussy hat
secret to happy life dont argue with idiots aoc ocasio cortez
climate change agenda socliasm communism tyranny
guns are liberals sit around all day in safe space until fed they are triggered
all groups republicans democrats libertarians epstein didnt commit suicide
calm down liberals no one coming for abortions just need common sense abortion control background check wait period registry
were very angry and coming for guns mayor pete biden bernie sanders orourke cory booker
bill clinton what do you think about epstein investigation hillary give me your phone
you dont need guns police will protect you just ask jeffrey epstein
when you try to tell world to boycott israel and they boycott you tlaib omar

Grooming the Next Generation of Snowflakes

Students to be allowed up to five ‘mental health days’ starting this year

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton liberal dictionary inclusive praising any liberal idea shunning people and groups that dont follow

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens facebook looking for reason to ban quoting statistics

Other Links That May Interest You

Israel Bars Entry to Anti-Semitic Congresswomen Tlaib, Omar
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