08-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amy dc breaking news epstein medical examiner saves own life by declaring suicide
jack kevorkian assisted suicide 130 patients hillary hold my beer
epstein apparent suicide robbery back stab burglary
proof you dont have to fly plane into building to destroy nation soros obama clinton aoc
family circus magic word get what you want racist
dale earnhardt nice try hillary plane crash
jeffrey epstein bill clinton pedophile island
omar some people werent allowed to go somewhere israel
anthony weiner bill clinton jeffrey epstein biden franken blue dress painting
quote since tlaib omar for open borders maybe they should walk into israel see what happens
irony party of lincoln racist called by party of kkk and slaves
trump look at it chuck schumer bill clinton epstein blue dress

Quote of the Day

quote amy dc maybe president can negotiate trump of protesting athletes for hong kong freedom protestors

Tweet of the Day

tweet how many ar-15s jesus own not enough to avoid being murdered by government

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