08-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mexican word of the day bodywash no cnn because they are fake news
cats humans naked again omg only 2 nipples tail pointed wrong way
democrats now protesting cemetary fences restricts voters from getting out
elizabeth warren study work hard we will restribute to people that didnt
clinton epstein blue dress laying low
bernie sanders cardi b i used to drug and rob people ive been doing my whole life
so he calls trump racist sexist for 3 years cries fredo chris cuomo
mainstream media conclusion no need to own firearms hong kong protesters crushed
california curriculum task force bds omar anti semitic israel
knock knock whos there israel cant come to omar tlaib
fbi has sent their top 3 investigators to handle epstein suicide investigation
epstein medical examiner birdbox cash blind

Real Inconvenient Truths

5 inconvenient facts gun control advocates hate

Quote of the Day

some trite inspirational quote about overcoming some shit i dont know fuck off

Tweet of the Day

tweet elizabeth warren packed crowd 700 people trump struggling 11000 attend rally mainstream media

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