08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

am i only one amused by idea of electric car charging station powered by diesel fuel generator
cnn george zimmerman white beto orourke hispanic
i cant survive on minimum wage starter pack liquor pot tattoos hbo
if banning guns save just one child should do it steinem shirt i had abortion
red flag laws when group of murderers thieves congress decide who shouldnt own a gun
hillary clinton epstein committed suicide try changing mind you will too
dear nfl kneelers jesse owens experience real racism and never disrespected flag
fredo beto tonto warren orourke cuomo democrats
media explaining epstein paranoid conspiracy theory russian collusion

It’s a “Machine Algorithm”, Not Political Bias

duckduckgo vs google clinton body count bias
if posting the truth didnt affect masses they wouldnt censor it

Quote of the Day

quote malcolm x media has power to destroy

Tweet of the Day

tweet melissa a notion black people too dumb to get id racist bigotry low expectations

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