08-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cnn cannibalism looting were just reporting it havent seen it
government necessary people left unchecked will do evil but composed of people left unchecked office
hannibal lecter who killed epstein even i dont screw with hillary
obama thank you trump for fixing everything i broke
short sightedness unable to focus blind to reality how long democrat
biden russian meddling wouldnt happen my watch your were vp
most common misused works two to too racist there
getting dirty looks at airport by liberals maga hat but afraid of me because black
magic johnson wasted worlds best porn name on basketball career
its never too early to learn how to waterboard a terrorist
if in facebook jail should be able to connect with others start gangs get tattoos

Big Tech Fascism, Erasing History and Controlling What You’re Allowed to See

Top 20 Obama Scandals: the List
An Alternative Search Engine: DuckDuckGo.com


Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods obama freed chelsea manning fuck the police burning flag

Quotes of the Day

quote pocahontas elizabetch warren michael brown inciting cop violence

The True Enemy is Within

make no mistake reason democrats hate trump is because making america better not part of their plan

Prepare Your Trump 2020 Signs

how to post trump signs spikes take out tires

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