08-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how red flag laws work ex wife swat team tom jerry
trump chris cuomo says trump not aging because does care no fredo doesnt fall for fake news
when you offend someone in 2019 stop violating me with your different opinion
apparently driving past police cars drinking water from vodka bottle not funny wasting police time
hong kong pointing out idiot portland antifa
lets play a game name one thing government has made cheaper more effective
why would fly rats bear get caught in trap liberals bernie 2020
kkk isis antifa so proud of what saying have to hide face
dems have tried racist russia recession whats next r word re-election trump
mexican word of day nada elizabeth warren still not an indian

Never Mentioned in the Media Racist Narrative Propaganda

trump married 2 immigrants dated black woman jewish grandchildren if racist im unicorn

Quote of the Day

quote my choice pro life not one they want me to choose

Message of the Day

drugs alchohol obsesity suicide killed more people than guns mental health political agenda problem

Tweet of the Day

tweet educating liberals if media honest ask bill clinton epstein trips suicides dress picture

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