08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bernie explains socialism take more of your money to give you free stuff
elizabeth warren with actual tribal headdress nbc
law of common sense too many people enjoy free ride not enough people to pull
trigger skating liberals
before you try to hurt my feelings remember i have none and you do sam elliot
im warming up peg hear colts need qb al bundy
san francisco justice connected felon residentally challenged
dancing with the intolerant sean spicer

Next Step in Government/Tech Fascism Alliance

Silicon Valley is Building a Chinese-style Social Credit System

Quotes of the Day

michele obama someone has to give up piece of pie new 15 million mansion
quote obama theres only so big house need 15 million mansion marthas vinyard

Tweet of the Day

tweet ryan saredra cnn brian stelter cnn shrink trump worse than mao hitler stalin

Other Links That May Interest You

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Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery

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