08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

we saw your meme step outside thought police raid
new york times trump is russian agent department racist alien
teachers dont take phone enter wrong passcode until it locks modern problems solutions
social security universal health care free college for all smothers hands over taxpayers
under 21 cant drink alcohol we dont turst you sex video games under 13 can get sex change
i see puppy flower bunny democrats see racism
which of you democrats will cave to china on trade all raising hand
democrats new campaign strategy lets have a recession
trump vs democrats make america bow to china again


obama spied on americans armed isis gave iran billions covered up benghazi got away with it

Quote of the Day

quote reagan government taken too much money authority liberty from constitution

Tweets of the Day

tweet we should not nuke hurricanes what if has info on clinton foundation
tweet amy curtis wouldnt buy 15 million coastal property like obama if climate change

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