08-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

obama i preach climate change income inequality racism crises bought 15 million waterfront mansion all white neighborhood
trump maga hats blacks white supremacist rally
consent on sex job robbery taxation imagination
evil capitalism fair socialism grocery store comparison
trump kicking obamas ass climate change 15 million beach house gtfoh
most alpha thing in room trumps empty chair g7 climate change meeting
spiderman peter parker watching sony marvel fight out preparing to lose uncle ben 4th time
hannibal lecter not convicted cannibal justice involved person with unique dietary needs
joe biden most electable gaffer 2020 cone head
kirsten gillebrand dropped out of presidential race who lady who hates herself because she is white

It’s Tough to Fill a 24/7 Propaganda Schedule

CNN Lost Their Mind (Again): Guess How Long Their Climate Change Town Hall Is

Quote of the Day

quote socialism made my life in cuba unbearable and dangerous ray armas raft from socialist country

The Deep State Protects Its Own

nixon watergate comparison wiretapping obama

Tweet of the Day

tweet cory booker license to drive car license for gun now do voting

Message of the Day

without electoral college voters in california and new york will determine president

But the Fed is “Non-Political”

Ex-Fed Official Calls for Fed to Not Cut Rates to Hinder Trump Re-Election

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