09-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

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Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bill tried to cheer up hillary clinton mandela not elected until 27 years in prison
iranian president lift sanctions before talk with trump eagles laugh in american
ilhan oma promotes religion punishes adultery with death commits it
congress if we just have red flag laws they will tell on each other to take away guns
hillary clinton bernie sanders if hit with facts call deplorable racist xenophobic sexist
i hate people say dont need alcohol to have fun dont need shoes to run but it helps
if oceans are going to rise why did obamas buy house on beach
joe biden im leading trump in landslide hillary been there done that
weld walsh sanford rinos trump is unqualified child gop primary

Messages of the Day

2020 obama fined america not buying health insurance democrats giving to illegals free
communist ideology that killed 100 million last century now being praised at universities today

Quote of the Day

quote banning straws wont keep california from sucking

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie daniels socialism comes down to whether you think government does better job spending your money running your life than you do

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