09-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

floridians in cat 5 hurricane compared to below 60 degrees
am too old for socialism addicted to luxuries like tp electricity food water shoes
decided to cut down on political posts word scramble trump 2020
aoc church of global warming repent ocasio cortez
nancy pelosi ms 13 i wont let them remove you from voter rolls baby
taco bell voted best mexican restaurant in us that is why we have electoral college
history of mental illness in your family uncle who is liberal
married lesbians voted for trump were gay not stupid
socialist utopia bernie sanders where theres never a line at grocery checkout

The Usual “Punishment” for Deep State Operatives

take your punishment comey slap on wrist with feather from justice department

Random Thought of the Day

I personally don’t care who someone dates or marries–gay, straight, transsexual, whatever. It is no one else’s business. That said, I really don’t want to watch gay soft porn every time I watch a movie or TV series. It seems to be an unwritten rule in the entertainment industry nowadays that you MUST have gay characters, regardless if they have anything to do with the plot. Bonus points are awarded if you can add in some explicit gay sexual scenes. Never is this more clear than at Netflix. Here’s a test…can you think of ONE SINGLE Netflix original that doesn’t have gay characters & story lines? I recently watched the first 3 seasons of the show Money Heist. It was a great show, but the 3rd season dragged a bit. The first two were non-Netflix creations. There was a gay character but not much attention was drawn to him. And why should there be? The show was about a high stakes robbery of the Spanish Mint. Netflix then purchased the show however, and put its stamp on the 3rd season. They introduced a couple gay characters and turned one of their previously heterosexual characters bisexual. Probably an episode and a half was wasted on this sexually explicit story line that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the main plot. Why? Because the American entertainment industry simply cannot entertain. It must shove their culture, lifestyle, and opinions down our throats.

tweet dear lgbt if you want to stop being treated special your sexual orientation not achievement

Quote of the Day

quote fark your feelings not smartest or hardest worker but should live in one where theyre rewarded

Tweet of the Day

tweet reminder mao great leap forward killed 45 million people but no worries real socialism never tried

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