09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The media is going crazy trumpeting the “most accurate poller of 2016” has Biden beating Trump by 12 points, with even Drudge Report highlighting it. Never mind that the media refused to consider the IBD/TIPP polls in 2016 since they were considered too much of an outlier but is now mentioned since it pushes their narrative. However, the story misses two key variables: 1) it oversamples declared democrats, with the percentages of independents & republicans not matching the national average; 2) it samples registered voters, not likely voters, which historically is always a 5-10% Democrat-favorable difference in actual election results. Registered voters includes far more people that don’t pay attention to politics as well as younger Americans, both groups of which are less likely to turn out on voting day.

In fact, the “most accurate poll of 2016” was IBD/TIPP likely voters, and it sampled a more accurate reflection of American demographics. So in fact, it’s a total distortion to equate this recent poll with the one done in 2016, but as has been reported so frequently, it’s all about propaganda and Trump voter discouragement/suppression.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i have a dream bill hillary clinton obama in prison
welcome to san francisco where dogs step in human poop
bernie sanders socialist utopia venezuela you can pick up money in streets
bye jenny come back when im a shrimp boat billionaire forrest gump
dinosaurs you cant eat congress has nuts in it
how to run a country by donald trump reading to merkel macron
they cant predict path of storm 24 hours before hits but know whether 12 years
trump group of seven agenda climate change chicken sky is falling

Question of the Day

why does liberal blame cop when shoot criminal but blame gun when criminal shoots someone else

Tweet of the Day

tweet parents cspan discussing violence with kids more likely to grow old stop fear mongering rights away

Quote of the Day

quote mark levin not a nation of immigrants citizens treated as 2nd class while illegals most virtuous

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