09-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

New Meme Gallery Added

Feminism and Gender Meme Gallery

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if we make guns illegal no one will ever get shot thats how we stopped everyone from doing drugs
tonight unsolved mysteries how i got 30 day ban for posting something found on facebook
how many socialist americans leave our country for another one to escape capitalism
bananas youve got to wonder what they know about clintons
q and a 1950s hold device entirety of human knowledge use it pictures of cats get in arguments with strangers
if abortion isnt murder then why is killing pregnant woman double homicide
feminism want equality women but also want special treatment
gump just like that trump steered dorian away from mar-a-lago

The Best “Fact” Checker Liberal Money Can Buy

babylon bee snopes rates biden 2+2 equals 5 claim mostly true

Quote of the Day

quote nothing gets mass shooter off news faster than discovering beto bernie socialist

Tweet of the Day

tweet san francisco convicted felon too harsh also nra literally terrorists

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