09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dave chappelle imagine being offended at a stand up comedy titled sticks and stones
it was at this moment oscar realized voting for democratic socialists still living in trash can
feminism because rich white girls need to feel oppressed too
sitting bull elizabeth warren bull
jesus fish bread gluten free vegan fish tested for mercury
pin blame for mass shootings game mainstream media on trump not gun free zone psychos
ilhan omar and husband decided to split up see other siblings
stop-climate-change only in us not in china india europe

The F Word Media/Liberals Can’t Stand – Facts

gun facts with cdc numbers death percentages

Get It On Sale Now

for sale selling white privilege no welfare checks inheritance free college food

Quote of the Day

quote candace owens net worth of pelosi warren biden sanders rich white people

Tweet of the Day

tweet lgbt im gay k really if you dont teach youre biggot thats fascist were oppressed

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