09-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Message of the Day

men stand bitches kneel for national anthem

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

conservative teach to fish progressive liberal give fish stole from someone else
bernie sanders elizabeth warren study hard we will redistribute your money to someone who didnt
what leftists say coexist what they mean comply
conservatives dont believe in science men women feelings override science bigot
proposed border wall ideal one cut off california
left ok to pump kids hormones but not chicken beef
biden 2020 democrats push wheelchair off cliff
text book fake news reporters in large puddle

Only Watch What We Tell You to Watch

no media bias rotten tomatoes knock down house chappelle sticks stones

Some Random Thoughts

deep thought duck duck goose teaches kids ducks cool geese assholes
deep thought people forget time before classes explains myths legends
deep thought still cant match hot dog buns with packages

Quote of the Day

quote pavlich elizabeth warren talks about cost of college but was paid 400000 to teach one class

Tweet of the Day

tweet sanders no politician doesnt believe in climate change in congress benson what about basic economics

Quite Possibly the Dumbest Study Conclusion Ever

Study Says U.S. 47th Best Place to Live of 64 Countries

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