09-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elizabeth warren buttigieg bernie sanders beto using plastic straws eating meat
got my dna test back 0 percent democrat
colin kaepernick this is why condom usage is so import
donald trump is a threat to our hypocrisy hillary
raise your hand if socialist stalin hitler mao all democratic candidates
distrust of media rampant finally something believable
eggs bacon sperm
green new deal compliant cars flintstones
nfl players as babies rodgers brady miller beckham antonio brown

Progress & Efficiency Must Be Punished!

Bill De Blasio: “As President, I Would Issue a Robot Tax”

Quote of the Day

quote if government can forcibly vaccinate can do other things

Tweet of the Day

tweet maloney considered selling guns buyback government didnt pass background check

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