09-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

just burning hundreds gallons jet fuel to de icde clean energy wind turbine helicopter
so in your country cop shoots criminal cops fault criminal shoots guns fault
bernie sanders climate agenda democrats dont let dictator trump stop us from controlling every aspect of your life
watch this pussy hat trump head explodes
bernie sanders today marks 78 years contributing nothing to society and bashing people who do
on date woman talks about powerful ocasio cortez im going to head out sponge bob
tried to watch 7 hour cnn climate change just wanted channel change
elizabeth warren stop high cost of education 400000 for one class
john bolton i was told there would be war

QMessage of the Day

criminals prefer unarmed victims dictators unarmed citizens sign

Quote of the Day

quote most green solutions thinly veiled socialism

Tweet of the Day

tweet charlie kirk democrats too hard to get rid of illegals but can confiscate all illegal guns

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