09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how to piss off people 1 photo trump chickfil flag cow farts
nazi communists kills millions calls supporters of freedom nazis icons
chef adler keep throwing recipes against wall until trump impeachment sticks
climate change bans democrats meat deniers aoc sanders warren
hillary speech inequality 12500 potato sack armani holds 200 pounds fertlizer
ocasio cortez stop making me look stupid i can do it myself
yang 2020 throwing money around
thats a wrap communists have left the building beto sanders warren biden castro harris

Textbook Example of Fake News Propaganda

NBC Alters 911 Tape to Make George Zimmerman Appear Racist
Exposing the Trayvon Martin Hoax – William Marshall

Quote of the Day

josef stalin those who cast votes decide nothing those who count votes everything

What?! Rich People Change Their Behavior Because of High Taxes?!

Billionaire Carl Icahn Moving Headquarters to Florida for Lower Taxes

Tweet of the Day

tweet dana loesch beto orouke burglar dui confiscating guns

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