09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cnn panel after saying orange man bad pinning medals on jackets
match made in disaster bernie sanders omar socialism sharia law
pete buttigieg coming off private jet stop driving suvs
when liberals express opinion free speech when conservative intolerant hate speech
dear democrats going to eat cheeseburger cleaning gun inside gas guzzling truck all you can do is cry
wonder if any policeman has kept a straight face while telling a woman she has right to remain silent
when someone says self checkout killing jobs public education system could be replaced by youtube
buy more guns not exact democrat words but that is what i heard

Should Be First Discussion of Every Presidential Debate

approaching storm national debt

Quote of the Day

quote reason democrats have time to worry about straws bathrooms donald trump solved all big problems

Tweet of the Day

tweet leave blue state expensive dirty move to texas vote blue pattern of moron

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